EPS DPP satellite workshop on high-field laser plasma interaction

This EPS plasma conference satellite meeting is intended be the first step to increase the visibility of the high field physics within the European physics community and create a special subject line in the section Beam and Plasma Inertial Fusion (BPIF) of the Division of Plasma Physics (DPP) of the EPS. It inscribes itself in the context of the forthcoming major high-power laser facilities such as APOLLON in France, three ELI pillars in Europe and similar installations elsewhere in the world. These new scientific infrastructures will open up completely new fields of research in the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with plasmas and require a corresponding European forum.

The purpose of this satellite meeting is to demonstrate an interest in the community and a sufficient number of interested laboratories.

The idea is to create a forum under the EPS umbrella, which will bring together the community in Europe and beyond for a long term engagement for the high-field physics. As a first step, it is intended to initiate a dialogue between the experimentalists and the theoreticians working in the field and to start thinking about first realistic experiments.  Scientists doing theory and simulation need to understand better what can be measured and how. Experimentalists need to understand the capabilities of simulation. At present predictive simulations under realistic conditions are still in their infancy and need to be brought closer to the real world. Experimentalists might have to develop new kinds of detectors to measure specific signatures predicted by simulation.

At this meeting, the capabilities of the high-field infrastructures and their technology will be presented, followed by some key presentations on possible experiments and theoretical predictions. Discussion round tables are proposed to bring experiment and theory together.

The character of the workshop is supposed to be very informal. However, we would encourage people to register in order to have an idea how many attendees we can expect and to make corresponding arrangements in the program.

This satellite workshop is expected to repeat itself at the next EPS conference in 2018 which will take place in Prague, Czech Republic. 


Chairs: E. D’Humières and R. Fonseca


Organizing committee

E. D’Humières (CELIA)

M. Fajardo (IST & EPS-DPP board)

R. Fonseca (IST)

O. Klimo (ELI-Beamlines & CTU)

V. Tikhonchuk (CELIA & EPS-DPP board)

S. Weber (ELI-Beamlines & EPS-DPP board)


Local organizing committee

M. Borghesi (QUB)

B. Dromey (QUB)

G. Sarri (QUB)






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